The issues that our city council address are vital to the daily lives of our citizens. As a collaborative leader, I firmly believe in transparency, collaboration, and open communication in all relationships in order to build mutual trust and respect. I will actively engage with all community members as we work together to transform the vision of a welcoming, safe, and prosperous city into a reality.

As a Bellevue City Council member, I will work to ensure policies are inclusive, equitable and ensure support for all. I will actively engage with diverse groups and listen to all perspectives to create opportunities that promote a just and equitable community.

  • Public Safety

    Everyone deserves the right to feel safe, protected, and supported in our community. However, achieving this requires a strong commitment to transparency and accountability. I am dedicated to fostering safe communities by addressing public safety staffing needs to reduce response times, focusing on the root causes of crime and violence–especially gun violence, and enhancing behavioral health services. In addition, I will actively support the endeavors of local law enforcement in ensuring public safety in Bellevue. Simultaneously, I will advocate for community outreach programs that foster trust and collaboration between law enforcement and residents.

  • Affordability

    When I started my family and business, I was fortunate enough to afford a home in Bellevue—a chance that is now beyond the reach of many of our neighbors. It is crucial that families in Bellevue can live, work, and enjoy our city without the fear of housing instability due to unaffordability. In order to achieve this goal, I strongly advocate for the implementation of policy tools, such as incentive zoning, to encourage the inclusion of affordable units in housing projects. I will work towards establishing a clear and efficient path for expanding our housing supply. These measures, along with other initiatives such as enhancing the availability of high-quality childcare, can effectively address the root causes of housing affordability and provide families with the necessary resources for a brighter future.

  • Economic Development

    With 30 years of experience as a Bellevue business owner, I am fully committed to fostering economic growth within our city. I support policies and regulations that promote entrepreneurship, streamline bureaucratic processes, and encourage businesses to establish and expand in Bellevue. I will actively promote initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills, knowledge, and earning potential of our workforce. It is imperative that all workers are treated fairly and that we nurture a talented pool of individuals to meet the needs of businesses in Bellevue. Additionally, I believe in the importance of cultivating a skilled, knowledgeable, and diverse workforce that reflects the diversity of Bellevue’s residents. By engaging with local stakeholders, including businesses, community organizations, and residents, I will work to ensure that all our initiatives align with the city’s vision for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    I will prioritize supporting conservation practices that empower all community members to contribute to enhancing our environment. I will support various efforts aimed at improving energy efficiency in homes and businesses. I will encourage all community members to reduce waste, adopt proper recycling practices, and engage in composting. It is essential to protect and enhance our tree canopy while ensuring that we stay on track to meet our housing goals. To achieve this, I will collaborate with my colleagues on the Council and other elected officials, coordinating and supporting climate-smart initiatives. Additionally, I will promote projects and proposals that foster environmental sustainability and enhance the city’s environmental quality. I acknowledge that achieving a healthy environment requires the collective effort and collaboration of all individuals.

  • Parks and Open Space

    I am committed to advocating for the preservation and expansion of green spaces in Bellevue, which includes the development of new parks and trails and the improvement of existing ones. It is essential to take a comprehensive approach to our parks system, ensuring that all residents, regardless of their neighborhood, have equal access to these valuable spaces. Additionally, I will actively collaborate with all community members to ensure that we continue to support the crucial programs that take place within our parks.

  • Transportation

    I will advocate for the development of more efficient transportation modes, including the improvement of public transportation, the enhancement of pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure, and the promotion of transit-oriented development that encourages residents to live and work near transit hubs. I will collaborate with regional and state-level partners to advocate for transportation funding that enables efficient movement within our community and facilitates seamless travel in and out of our city for work or recreation. I will continue to support the city’s ongoing efforts to enhance road safety for drivers and pedestrians, as well as ensure the safety of our transit systems for commuters.

    From advocating for public safety, making our housing more affordable, improving our transportation system to investing in our parks and green spaces, I am committed to a Bellevue that is accessible, sustainable, and welcoming—today and for future generations.